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‘Why can’t we just do the right thing?’: Marcus Rashford defends charity deals

Marcus Rashford has defended his off-field partnerships and questioned why footballers “can’t just do the right thing” for charity. The Manchester United forward said on Twitter that the political magazine

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DNA regulator offers new hope for Hodgkin lymphoma treatment

Researchers at The Australian National University (ANU) have discovered how a DNA-binding protein sustains Hodgkin lymphoma. The world-first discovery has the potential to help treat the rare cancer with the

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China targets offshore IPO structure, to require ministry approval

China’s securities regulator is setting up a team to review plans by Chinese companies for initial public offerings (IPOs) abroad, sources with knowledge of the matter said, including those using

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Bloodborne PSone demake project shows off full boss fight

Remember that Bloodborne PSone demake project that imagined what the game would look like if it had been transported back through the console generations? Well, the team has provided us

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Four horses escape from Colorado rodeo, go running on highway

Police and firefighters in Colorado ended up in an unusual high-speed chase when four horses escaped from a rodeo and went for a run on the interstate. The Colorado State

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